Local 4 represents a strong brotherhood and sisterhood of over 5,000 members, including heavy equipment operators, apprentices, mechanics, surveyors, equipment house employees, waste water technicians, and some public sector employees.  As proud Business Manager of International Union of Operating Engineers Local 4, 

I, Bill McLaughlin, lead our Union in the geographical jurisdictions of Eastern Massachusetts, Eastern New Hampshire, and the entire state of Maine. 

We provide our members with respectable wages and provide comprehensive health care, pensions, annuities, and tax deferred savings plans. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge programs for long-term investing and security.  We also offer wellness programs and seminars for physical and mental well-being, notably extensive resources for those struggling with alcohol and substance abuse.  Building a quality lifestyle for our members and their families is the focus.

Local 4’s modern training facilities in Canton and Medway, Massachusetts, provide our members with the licenses and certifications needed to constantly upgrade their existing skills and acquire new ones, with a focus on OSHA, Hazmat, NCCCO, forklift, and other continuing education programs.

Our members work hard and bring unmatched skill and dedication to their craft.  We are proud of our more than 120 years of history, and we look forward to serving the membership of our great organization well into the future.


William D. McLaughlin

Business Manager

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Please contact the Union Hall immediately so we may post the arrangements on our website.

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Arrangements for our dearly departed members. 


Starting March 1st the Union Hall will be able to accept credit card & debit card payment for union dues.   

Dues for the current quarter, January, February, March 2020 are now due and payable. Failure to maintain your good standing in regard to dues may cause you suspension from the Local Union and your removal from the jobsite. Mail Dues to: 16 Trotter Drive, Medway, MA 02053.


Members are encouraged to remit dues payments on an annual basis ($180). Quarterly dues may also be paid in three, six, or nine-month increments. Dues payments can only be credited to your account on a quarterly basis, and must coincide with the calendar quarters. Quarterly dues are due on the first day of each quarter.

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