My name is Lou Rasetta and I am the Business Manager of Local 4, of the International Union of Operating Engineers. We are a large Union, representing nearly 5,000 members, including heavy equipment operators, apprentices, mechanics, surveyors, equipment house employees, as well as waste water technicians and some public sector employees.

We provide comprehensive health care, pensions, annuities and tax deferred savings plans. In addition, we have two modern training facilities where our members can constantly upgrade their existing skills and also acquire new ones.

Our geographical jurisdiction includes Eastern Massachusetts, Eastern New Hampshire and the entire state of Maine. We are very proud of our more than hundred plus years of history, and look forward to serving the membership of our great organization in the future.


Louis G. Rasetta 

Business Manager & General Vice President


Louis G. Rasetta, Business Manager and IUOE General Vice President, Elizabeth Warren, US Senator for Massachusetts and James T. Callahan, IUOE General President.

We Are Honored



About Us:

Operating Engineers possess a diverse set of skills.  The most visible of our members are found in the operation and maintenance of heavy construction equipment such as cranes, front-end loaders, excavators, backhoes, and forklifts.  Less obvious, but no less important, are our members who work in site survey, and another large group working in quarries and equipment houses.   

Operating Engineers, virtually all from our Local Union, operated all of the cranes and heavy equipment used to construct Boston’s Big Dig.  While the Central Artery/Tunnel project was the largest public works construction project in our nation’s history, and nearly one thousand members were employed at its peak (summer of 2000), the overwhelming majority of our members work for our two hundred fifty employers and never set foot on the ‘Dig.’

 Members' dues finance the work of our Union and keeps Local 4 vital.  In addition to providing a wide array of family benefits, we represent and protect our members and their families through Collective Bargaining Agreements with our four major Employer Associations and our several hundred independently signed Contractors.

Message Board: 

Wage Schedule Effective - November 1, 2016

Field Engineers / Technical Engineers

Union Election Results – August, 2016. 

Dues Reminder:

Dues for the current quarter, July, August and September, 2016 are now due and payable. Failure to maintain your good standing in regard to dues may cause you suspension from the Local Union and your removal from the jobsite. 

Mail Dues to: 16 Trotter Drive, Medway, MA 02053.

Members are encouraged to remit dues payments on an annual basis ($120). Quarterly dues may also be paid in three, six, or nine-month increments. Dues payments can only be credited to your account on a quarterly basis, and must coincide with the calendar quarters.

Quarterly dues are due on the first day of each quarter.


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IUOE Local 4 Benefit Funds

Hoisting and Portable Engineers Training Center