Political Action Committee/Social Action Committee

The Political and Social Action Committee (PAC/SAC) Funds, administered by the Local shall be funded by a voluntary five (5) cents per hour payroll deduction, the purpose of which shall be to enable the Local to participate more fully in matters affecting the welfare of its members.

SAC Scholarship

The Social Action Committee (SAC) awards one $2,500 scholarships one of each to son, and one of each to daughter, of members who are graduating from High School and going on to higher education in the fall. For a student to be eligible, the parent must be a regular contributor to the SAC Fund and be in good standing with respect to dues, including dues check-off.

Please view www.massaflcio.org/education/scholarship.asp for applications or call  the Union Hall 508-533-1433 ext 412 for information. Applications are available in November and must be completed byJanuary. Examinations are scheduled in most High Schools in early February.

Click here to for the copy of the form.