Q.  Where can I pay my Union dues?
A.  By mail or walk-in to the Union Office, (IUOE Local 4, 16 Trotter Drive, Medway, MA 02053-2299), or at the monthly body meeting.
Q.  Why did I not receive a bill for dues payment?
A.  We do not bill for dues.  A dues reminder appears in the quarterly Newsletter and is posted on the Union Office’s website. 
Q.  Why should I be encouraged to pay union dues annually? 
A. The time and cost for you and the Local to process one (1) check verses four (4), three (3), or two (2) checks results in an effective and significant savings.
Q.  Can I get reduced dues status?
A.  The policy permitting reduced dues ended in January of 2000.
Q.  Do you accept credit card payment for union dues?
A.  No we do not have credit card capabilities.
Q.  Who needs to be notified of a change of an address? 
A.  Notification of a change of address needs to be supplied to each office, respectively: Union Office, Benefit Funds Office and Apprenticeship & Training Office. Each office may have their own procedure related to address changes.
Q.  Where do I call if I have a question regarding my pension check?
A.  Please call the Benefit Funds Office at 508-533-1400.
Q.  Where do I call if I have a question on an upcoming training class?
A.  Please call the Training Center at 781-821-0306.
Q.  Where do I call to obtain or renew a Massachusetts hoisting license?
A.  Please call the Department of Public Safety at 617-727-4800 ext. 630.
Q.  Where do I call for a Department of Transportation (DOT)              card?
A.  Your doctor should have the applications available.  If not, please call the Training Center at 781-821-0306.
Q.  Which office do I call to report a death claim?
A.  Both the Benefit Funds Office 508-533-1400 and the Union Office 508-533-1433 should be notified. 
Q.  Where do I call for a Cooperative Trust form?
A.  Please call the Joint Labor/Management Cooperative Trust Office at 508-533-9181.